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08:56pm 20/02/2007

Hey, kid.  I've seen you around (hard not to), so I've been thinkin' about stuff a lot...
Don't you miss everyone?  Be honest.  Seriously.
Would it hurt to apologize and come back every once in a while?  Even if there's a little scorn at first?
I mean, everyone's gotta die and be reborn sometime, right?  Just gotta let yourself.  People just want you back, man.  It's hard to admit it when they think you don't give a damn.  They got reason to think that, you know.  Good reason.  I thought it, too, but...  I don't know.  Just thinking about all the stress of shit that's passed has got me thinkin', and even made me start smoking again.  I got a kid.  I ain't supposed to smoke.  Plus, you know my dark secret.  That I have a secret identity.  That I...  I AM...  uh...  fuck.  People are watching.  Can't reveal my secrets here.  Anyway, where'd your heart go?  I know you've still got it, but you've been hiding it.  We were buds once.  BFF.  I'll eat a cat if you tell me you're not still in there somewhere, despite what changes you've made.  Stop...  destroying yourself.

Ah, fuck...  Everyone's gonna hate me for this.
Anyway, show this DJ-ing superhero lawyer pop star that you care, or that you don't.  At this point, I'm only out for myself.  I need to know.  For me.  If everyone else gets a thrill out of it, then that's their cup o' joe.

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04:47pm 04/03/2006
  My ass STILL shines brighter than yours. Huzzah!  
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12:37pm 20/07/2004
  If you're happy and you know it, punch mightbegiants. That's the LJ name. He's a whiny nobody with nothing better to do than go to random journals to piss people off. You know the type...  
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08:53pm 23/06/2004
  Gray has a love-bite on his arm. :D Good size, good color. VERY easy to see. I think the intention of the bite was not affectionate, but HEY. It's from the person he likes, so who cares? XD WOOO! Stud!

Maybe GRAY is teh sext after all...
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09:31pm 15/06/2004
  Jake's politically smart. If he ran for president, I would vote for him.

OH MY GOD I got my hair dyed today. It has red pokies in it. XD And someone called me gay for it. It doesn't look THAT fashionable. Just because I had enough money to get it done professionally, I'm suddenly gay. Well if that's the case, the first person I'm banging is Jake. Hot, sexy, married, blue hair... what's not to like? (by the way, I'm saying this mostly to make him go :O!!!)

So anyway, I lost my job. Haha... I'm laughing out loud right now just to think about it, and hell no you're not hearing about it. Not even by word of mouth. If I even start to talk about it, I die laughing. I probably will for years. I should be able to type it, but I'd rather not. :D Too many foul words.

I WAS TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TODAY and almost hit a pedestrian. Okay, he was wearing BLACK at night, crossing a road at a BLIND TURN and I just barely saw him in time to swerve. My car's transmission's now dead because I had to swerve off the road to avoid this guy. Jake's lending me a car, though. Warned me not to hit anyone with it, and he even picked up my towing bill. All this because I was going the suggested limit around a blind curve. Go figure.

So I FRICKIN' WENT TO THE MALL today after I was let go and bought thong panties to wave around in public. Then I returned them the same day.

Life as usual.
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07:08pm 28/05/2004
  Jake's a fsucking musical genius.

GOD. Why was he born with musical talent AND a nice ass? But at least Faith's ass is nicer. *goose-goose*

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05:07am 10/05/2004

That's Nun-tastic. Holy Pope, Il Papa! Okay, so I'm up early and Gray's all like, "Sign in at LJ, you loser," and I was like, "That's Nun-tastic, fool!" and so I did it. Coffee just doesn't give me a buzz anymore. I'm still more tireder than a dead dog. :|

They should sell Jolt at 7-11 again. I'd buy that crap and give myself one hell of a zonking. That sounds illegal. Public zonking... just a misdemeanor, or potential felony? You be the judge, on the next Judge Judy, who will kick you out of...

Okay, nevermind. That thought's bad. Let's just stop right there.

So, uh, Jake'n Kane'n Gray'n Tiki'n Tarsin'n Jenny'n I have been making this awesome movie, and like... you can buy it at the theater and score some free popcorn. It's gonna be the best low-budget movie ever ever ever.

If this is what I'm like when I'm tired, imagine me when I'm finally fsucking awake.

Word. I'm off to 'work' now... or actually, I'm not off to work. I'm off to get water for snooty chicks wearing skeezy business suits with hair that's been sprayed enough to act like a helmet. WurD 2 ur mother. :D
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03:16pm 11/04/2004
  Whee! Meme time!Collapse )  
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A micro-phone.   
10:55pm 05/04/2004
  I gots two turn-tables and a microphone.


Dude, WTF?! These pigz were chaisng me today and I was all running and stuff and they were like "Stop rigth there!" and I was all like "No, bitches!" and they ran after me and I ran away and they ran after me. THen leiek, they were chasing some chick. :( wtf. I was like OKAY WHATEVER and I went and bought donuts. Dontus are good. stfu, u dont know me!

Okay, so none of that crap really happened. I went to work today, and the anchorlady was all like, "Can you get me some water while you're standing there?" and I was like, "DUDE MAN, I WORK WITH YOU AND YOU'RE ON TV!" so I did it.

That really happened.

I'm such a nerd. :D I got water for a chick that smiles after talking about brutal murders and accidents. :D LOL!!!!!!!!!111!!!11!!!!!

wtf, im dun
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05:06pm 04/04/2004
  Now that we've gotten that SILLY post out of the way, it's time for me to be serious.

What's wrong with Bush? I get sheer entertainment about all the people that trod on his name like they actually know the guy. So he sent people over to war in Iraq... Shit, okay, so let's all hate George Washington for participating in war!
I've found the answer to all the questions that ever were and ever will be asked. The answer is George. If we all just hate people named George, we'll all be popular! (insert cheerleader giggle here)

Besides... Who DOESN'T like Bush? Certainly those cross-dressing manwhores on Jerry Springer who announce that G.W. is a demon... certainly they like bush. .....uh... I mean... Bush...

Oh shit, and this was supposed to be serious.

Um... Seriously? I hope I never end up on Jerry Springer. If I do, I'm gonna be fat by that time, and I'm gonna flash my manboobs at everyone. Then I'll chase after Steve and stroke his bald noggin. Bald noggins must feel good on manboobs.
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